H-9298D Deadbolt European Style Ultra Slim Card Lock System


H-9298D Deadbolt European Style Ultra Slim Card Lock System


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Contact-less Keycard Operation Hospitality Door Lock System. Idea replacement for existing European Style or American ANSI Mortise Locks. Compatible With Encrypted Milfare-1 S50 Keycards

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This item: H-9298D Deadbolt European Style Ultra Slim Card Lock System

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The H-9298D Deadbolt European Style Ultra Slim Card Lock System is a Contact-less KeyCard Operated Door Lock System for the Hospitality industry and major Commercial Applications.  Lock System support KeyCard, PC, Mobile Phone authentication, but requires specific KeyCard Encrypting Machine to accept/reject KeyCards presented to the lock.

This ANSI Mortise Deadbolt Door Lock System requires customizable Management Software that can be personalized. Configuration as to Specific Time + Date validity of authorized user Cards, Specific areas authorized User Cards can access within the premises, Exact Time + Date of authorized User Cards expiration, Banning + Removal of previous authorized users and user Lost Cards etc..

Beside the ability to grant/reject user access with KeyCard, this lock system is capable of validating E-Key [Electronic Key] generated by the Management Software. Authorized E-Key with validity Date + Time can be sent to user Cell Phone to be presented to the lock system for access.


Lock Features

> Support Encrypted Milfare-1 13.56MHz Cards Card

> Unlock With Card, E-Key [Mobile APP], Mechanical Keys [2-Keys Included]

> 18-Months Of 4-AA-Alkaline Battery Working Life

> Dead Bolt Function [Deactivate With Master Card Or Manually]

> Support Unlimited Users

> Downloadable User Events [Audit Trail – Up To 256-Lock’s Latest Activities]

> Purse Auto-Locking Function Temporarily For Meetings & Special Events

> Hidden Cylinder For Added Security

> Advanced Micro-Wave Reader Sensor For Energy Savings

> Panic Release ANSI Mortise For Fast & Easy Egress.

Designed To Fit 4-ANSI Mortise Styles [Easily Retro-Fits Older Mortise Styles]

> Available In 3-European Style Mortise As Well


Application Scope

Ideal for Wooden [Interior & Share Entry Front Doors], Metal [Interior & Share Entry Front Doors]. Great for Hotel + Motel and all Hospitality Business operations, Apartment Condos, AIRBNB, Offices and most Commercial Door Lock System applications. Great for existing Dead Bolt Door Lock replacement and Brand New Door Lock applications.


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Manufacturer Warranty

2-Year Hardware Warranty

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 0.8 × 1.9 × 11 in


H-9298D Deadbolt European Style Ultra Slim Card Lock System

> Opening Ways: Card, Bluetooth Mobile APP, Or Mechanical Keys [2-Mechanical Keys Included]

> Programming Methods: Requires Windows PC/Laptop + KeyCard Encrypting Machine [Card Encoder] + Management Software [Encoder & Software Not Included]

> Card Type: Milfare-1 S50 13.56MHz

> User Card Issuer: Requires KeyCard Encrypting Machine [Card Encoder] + Management Software [Not Included]

> Power: 4-AAA Standard Alkaline Batteries [18-Months Operating Life In Normal Working State]

> Audible Warnings: Low Battery Level Warning [Responsive Up To 400-Open/Close Working State]

— Static consumption: 12uA

— Dynamic consumption: 300mA

— Humidity: 20%-80%

— Working temperature: 14-Deg.F – 140-Deg.F

> Available Indicators: Lights & Sounds

> Low Battery Battery Warning? Yes

> Available Lock Lever Orientation:

— Right Hand Pull

— Right Hand Push

— Left Hand Pull

— Left Hand Push

— Compatible Mortise: ANSI-2 3/8-Inches, 2 3/4-Inches And many More….

— Lock System Size: [H] 11.0 X [W] 1.9 [T] 0.8 Inches

What’s Included In The Package

— Lock System Front + Back Handles

— Deadbolt Mortise

— Mounting Parts + Screws

— Installation Template

— Assembly Instructions

Manufacturer Warranty

2-Year Hardware Warranty


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