This process was long, but, Larry, was more than patient.  My Condo Association was in need of a new entry system.  After some research, I found the one that met all of our needs.  I read the reviews for the company and was immediately leery as it had only bad reviews.  If you look at the total picture, you would guess after being in business for 20+years, only four bad reviews made me call to ask more questions.  Larry had no problem answering all of my questions.  After agreeing to use this company it took a little longer than usual to obtain parts, but, they kept me abreast of what was going on.

The system itself is wonderful just what we needed for our six unit building.  Larry was great and Howard the technician who installed my system was a God-send.  He was patient answered all of my technical questions at the time of install and was just all around a nice guy.

I highly recommend this company and the ZDL-7150.

Thanks Unik Security Pos.