ZDL-IPW500 Facial Biometric Intercom Door Station


ZDL-IPW500 Facial Biometric Intercom Door Station


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Support Unlimited Calling Groups, Initiates And Receive Calls To And From Calling Group, Personalized Calling Contact List.  integrate Multiple Door Station Cameras

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The ZDL-IPW500 Facial Biometric Intercom Door Station is a Multi-user Video Entry Intercom System designed for use with ZDL-IPW7/W, ZDL-IPW10WC, ZDL-IPW10WG, ZDL-IPW10W.

5-Inch intuitive user friendly High Resolution Touch-Screen Door Camera with Smart Facial Recognition Camera With Motion Activated Sensor configurable to Grant/Reject Access.

Included Touch-screen Indoor Monitor auto-display visiting guests real-time video when called from the entry door, and capable of initiating video call between Indoor Monitor extensions in a group.

The ZDL-500 Series TCPIP Intercom Door Station packs many smart capabilities like integration of multiple Door Station Cameras, Up to 10-Indoor Monitors in each calling group with support for Indoor Monitor Group Calling, Guests Video Archive, Multiple IP Camera integration with video events, and more….

Panel Features

— Facial Recognition Authentication Door Access

— Motion Activated Face Recognition Sensor

— Keyfob Door Access Option

— Code Access Option

— 1080P High Quality Video From Connected Door Cameras

— Support WIFI Indoor Monitors

— Support Up To Unlimited Door Cameras

— Support 10-Indoor Monitors Per 1-Calling Group [1-Door Camera To 10-Indoor Monitors]

— Support Unlimited Calling Groups

— Initiates And Receive Calls To And From Calling Group

— Personalized Calling Contact List

— Up To 4-IP Cameras Support For Each Connected Door Camera

— Recor/Retrieve Video Events

— Take Guest’s Photos

— Super Easy Network Configuration

— Support Home/Office LAN Network

— Door Access Relay With IC Key-fobs Access

— Flexible Power – 12VDC Or POE Switch

— Door Status Detection + Tamper Alarm Function

Application Scope

Ideal solution for Buildings Video Access Control applications. Great for:

— Gated Large Homes

— Office Buildings with Single To Multiple Offices

— Apartment & Condo Buildings

— School Domitories

— Building Complexes

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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement


ZDL-IPW500 Facial Biometric Intercom Door Station


— Operation: Communicate With Specific Video IP Intercom Indoor Monitors

— Compatibilities: Support ZDL-IPW7W, ZDL-IPW10WC, ZDL-IPW10WG

— Special Features: Face Recognition Sensor, Card Access, Code Access, User Directory.

— Panel Structure: Metal

— Operation: Touch-Screen

— Camera Resolution: 2MP

— Camera Veiwing Angle: 150-Degree

— Night View: IR LEDs ON [1-IR-LEDS]

— Connection: RJ45-Female [Optional 8-Wire Connector Available]

— WiFi Function

— Power Source: 12VDC Or POE

— Operating Current: <400mA

— Power Consumption: <5-Watts

— Panel Dimension: Width-3.9 X Height-7.9 X Thickness-0.9 Inches

— Mounting Style: Flush Mounting [Recommended]

— Operating Temperature: -10 Degree To 158 Degree Fahrenheit

— Weight: 8 Pounds

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty


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