ZDL-A3000 Intercom Outdoor Panel 4-Way Signal Splitter


ZDL-A3000 Intercom Outdoor Panel 4-Way Signal Splitter

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Video signal splitter for the ZDL-A3000 Audio And Video Intercom Door Camera Panel. Integrates 4-ZDL-A3000 Outdoor Stations in to one single system.

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The ZDL-A304S is a Signal Expansion Device for the ZDL-A3000/A2000 Intercom door station panel. Designed specifically to add up to 3-additonal ZDL-A2000/A3000 door cameras in to a single system setup. Device features 1-Signal Input from the main ZDL-A2000/A3000 Audio Video Door Extension Camera with 4-Output to extend signal to 4-separate Door Station Cameras.

Designed to output connections to, and accept connections from one or more of connected devices.

Audio Decoder Features

— Accept & Extend Connection To & From ZDL-A2000/A3000 Camera Video Feed

—  Device Special Features:

  • Route Door/Gate Signals
  • Amplify Microphone That Communicate With ZDL-A2000/A3000 Outdoor Panel
  • Power Source For All Connected Devices
  • Amplify Audio & Video Signal
  • No Special Programming Required

Application Scope

Designed to support the following devices:

  • ZDL-A2000/A3000

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Warranty

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


ZDL-A304S A3000 Intercom Outdoor Panel 4-Way Signal Splitter

– Device Operation: Audio, Video, Power & Signal Extender
– Device Support:
– ZDL-A2000/3000 Intercom Panel
– ZDL-A77 Intercom Monitors
– ZDL-A600 Audio Intercom Substation
Power Supply
100 ~ 240VAC 18VDC 6Amp
Input Ports
4-8-Wire Audio Video Signal Input
2-Female RJ45 Outputs
– Casing: Metal Case
– Installation: Surface Mount
– Weight: 5Ib
– Size: Height: 9.0″ / Width: 10.5” / Thickness: 2.5″

What’s Included In The Package

— 1-ZDL-A304S Video Signal Splitter

— 6-ZDL-A304S Signal Wires

— Power Lead Connector [Red + Black 2-pin Wire]

— Programming Instruction

— Mounting Parts + Screws

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty


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