SAC-6X2 Two Door APP + KeyCard Operated WiFi Access Control Kit

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Unlock 2-separate Door/Gate in LAN or Anywhere. Support up to 2,100-Users + 1-System Administrator user account

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The SAC-6X2 Two Door APP + KeyCard Operated WiFi Access Control Kit  is a 2-Door WiFi Access Control System with support for KeyCard Access. With compatibility for all WiFi & GPRS Enabled Mobile Phone Devices, registered user can unlock attached Door/Gate with phone.

System Management APP support Android 4.3 and IOS 7.0 above. Unlocks Door/Gates 3-separate ways, KeyCard, Code & Mobile Phone APP. Included Reader device is IP66 Rated making it capable of withstanding outdoor elements and suitable for outdoor applications.


System Features

> Support EM/ID Card [125KHz KeyCards]

> Unlock With Card, Mobile APP

> Support Up To 2,100-Programmable Users

> Support Master/System Admin User

> Set Principal/Master Card

> Communicate With Mobile Devices Via WiFi, GPRS

> Unlock Connected Door/Gate In LAN, Or Anywhere

> Super Simple Installation

> Relay For Electronic Door/Gates

> Set Attached Door/Gate Unlock Delay From 0 ~ 99-Seconds

> 1-Wiegand Output For Add-On Reader

> 1-Wiegand Input For System Data Transfer


Application Scope

Ideal for securing Small Office Entry Door, Small Gym Entry Door, Clinic Entry Door Security and more. This kit will also be an awesome solution for small to large homes as well.


Got Custom Application That Requires Custom Recommendations?

— Chat With One Of Our Qualified Agents online between the hours of 9:00Am – 5:00Pm CST

— Email our Sales Department to get an answer within 24-hours

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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty

Additional information

Weight6.00 lbs


SAC-6X2 Two Door APP + KeyCard Operated WiFi Access Control Kit

> Opening Ways: Card, APP

> Programming Methods: Via APP

> Card type: EM/ID 125KHz

> Card Programming: Via Mobile APP

> User Capacity: 2,100

> Device Relay: NO/NC/COM

> Relay Output Time: 0 ~ 99-Sec

> Operating Voltage: 9 ~ 24VDC

> Operating Humidity: 0%~86%RH

> Lock Relay Output: 2Amp

> Device Size: [H] 2.1 X [W] 2.6 X [T] 0.8

> Reader Size: [H] 4.8 X [W] 1.9 X [T] 0.8

> Total Device Weight: 3lbs


What’s Included In The Package

— 1-Access Control Board

— 2-KeyCard Reader

— 5-KeyFobs

— Device User Instructions


Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty


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