RFID Card Stand-alone Home-Office Door Lock


RFID Card Stand-alone Home-Office Door Lock


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Simple card operated door lock system. Support up to 500-user Keycards. Sturdy design with long operating life. 2-Operating Methods (RFID Card, Duplicate-proof Mechanical Keys)



The S-200 RFID Card Stand-alone Home-Office Door Lock is a commercial grade Battery Operated Latch Door Lock designed for Homes & Commercial applications. A stand-alone door lock system that authenticates with RFID Key Card + Mechanical Key. All required programming and settings requires no PC/Laptop, every programming aspect done right on the lock itself.

Awesome replacement solution for most existing Home/Office traditional door locks. Installation is super simple, and does not require massive experience to be installed.


Lock Features

– 2-Operating Methods (RFID Card, Duplicate-proof Mechanical Keys)

– Support Up to 3-Admin + 500-User Support

– Auto-Lock Approximately 7-Seconds

– Standard Single Cylindrical Latch

– Invisible Reader (Lights-up When Touched)

– Water-proof, Weather-proof, Fire-proof, Static Resistance

– Pick-Resistance, Vandal-Resistance

– 2-Year Battery Life

– Up To 400-Operation With Low Battery Charge

– Emergency External 9V-Battery Connector (Emergency Opening)

— User Capacity

  • Top Level (Master) RFID Card Users: 3
  • Regular Level RFID Card Users: 120


Application Scope

Ideal for Wooden [Interior & Share Entry Front Doors], Metal [Interior & Share Entry Front Doors]. Great for Apartment Condos, Homes, Offices and Residential and most existing Door Lock replacement along with Brand New Door installation applications.

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Manufacturer Warranty

2-Year Hardware Warranty

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs


S-200 RFID Card Stand-alone Home-Office Door Lock

> Opening Ways: Key Card + Mechanical Keys [2-Mechanical Keys Included]

> Programming Methods: Stand-Alone [Programing Done Right On The Lock]

> Operation Indicator: Light + Sound

> Authentication Indicator: Blue Light

> Power: 4-AA Alkaline Batteries Required

— Static consumption: 12uA

— Dynamic consumption: 300mA

— Humidity: 20%-80%

— Working temperature: 14-Deg.F – 140-Deg.F

> Low Battery Battery Warning? Yes

> Available Lock Lever Orientation: Reversible

What’s Included In The Box

– 1 S-200 Door Lock

– 1-2.75-Inch Latch

– Lock Installation Template

– Mounting Screws

– Installation + Programming Instructions

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty


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