AHD-TVI-CVI-CVBS License Plate Camera


AHD-TVI-CVI-CVBS License Plate Camera


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6~22MM Varifocal Lens, 6-Dots MATRIX IR LEDs For Night Vision, Captures Vehicle License Pate At Very High Speed – Approximately 90-Miles Per Hour

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The UV-HDLPRO AHD-TVI-CVI-CVBS License Plate Camera is a 2-Mega Pixel High Definition ~22MM Varifocal Lens 4-In-1 Analog High Definition Camera designed for Vehicle License Plate Surveillance applications. Features 6-Dots MATRIX IR LEDs with ability to capture moving vehicle license plate at the highest speed of about 90-Miles Per Hour.

Four video formats to choose from which makes it compatible with most Digital Video Recorder. This License Plate Camera can be easily installed in any Highways, Neighborhood Streets, and any rural roads. Installation is as simple as powering up the device with very soft programming and setup to support host device. Device other features include:


DEMO VIDEO Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dhOcCEyOcY

Camera Features

— 2-Mega Pixel HD-Resolution

— 6~22MM Varifocal Lens

— 6-Dots MATRIX IR LEDs For Night Vision

— Captures Vehicle License Pate At Very High Speed – Approximately 90-Miles Per Hour

— IR LEDs Flashes Upon Every Successful License Plate Captured

— Great Night-vision With Capability Of Capturing License Plates In Total Darkness

— Capable Of Capturing Up To 3~4 Moving Vehicles In 4-Separate Lanes [Side-By-Side]

— Support Most Digital Video Recorders

— Great For Parking Facility Entrancess & Exits

— Install Unlimited Number Of This Camera In Different Locations To Be Monitored With The APP

Application Scope

Great for any Indoor and Outdoor applications. Perfect solution for:

— Rural Roads Surveillance

— Community Surveillance

— Highway Surveillance

— Street Surveillance

— Parking Lot Surveillance

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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs




— 2.0 Megapixels High Sensitivity CMOS Sensor

— 4-In-1 Analog HD Video [AHD-TVI-CVI-CVBS]

—  Embedded Intelligent Algorithm To Ensure Optimal Effect Of License Plates Recognition Both At Day And Night

— 1-3 Lane, 0~120Km/h, 0~60Km/h Vehicle Speed Different Modes ETC

— Uses High Quality IR Array White LED With Stable And Reliable Property

— Working Temperature: -20°–70°,Humnity:20 ~ 80%RH

What’s Included In The Package

–1-LPR Camera

– Installation + User Manual

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement


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