Proximity 125-kHz Access Control Key-card


Proximity 125-kHz Access Control Key-card


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The K-125-B Proximity 125-kHz Access Control Key-card is a Radio Frequency Identification Keycard. A Contact-free RFID Card for Locks, Intercoms and Access Control Readers. Lock Systems and some Access Control Readers may requires compatible Encoder to encrypt information, but most Intercoms  and Stand-alone Lock Systems will not require encoding software.

Application Scope

— Support Most Of Our EM/ID Stand-alone Key Card Locks

— Support Most ZDL EM/ID Card Intercoms

— And Most Of Our Line Of Access Controls

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs


K-125-B Proximity 125-kHz Access Control Key-card

— Re-usable RFID EM/ID Contact-less 125kHZ RF-Card

— Comes in different shapes and colors

— No wear points, no maintenance, sealed re-usable Card

— Support Most EM/ID Locks & Access Controls
— Can be customized with your Company LOGO (Must Order 500-pcs)

— Material: Plastic ABS

— Size:  3.37-Inches X  2.125-Inches

— Thickness: 0.031-Inch

— Chip Type:  Texas Instruments (TI-Chip)

— Frequency:    13.56MHz

— Memory Size:  1k Bytes

— Write Cycles: 100,000 times

— Working Temp: -20°C~+100 °C

— Reading Distance: Up to 2.362-inches


Manufacturer Warranty

2-Year Hardware Warranty


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