Multi-unit 22 Apartment Building Audio Intercom System


Multi-unit 22 Apartment Building Audio Intercom System

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Audio Entry System For Apartment Buildings – Features Keypad & Smart Keycard For Building Access – Door Release Button For Electronics

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The ZDL-A2022 Multi-unit 22 Apartment Building Audio Intercom is a Residential Building Intercom System designed to route guest calls to specific extension [s] with support for up to 9999-extensions. Very simple efficient 4-Wire Low-Budget system that easily replaces existing system without biting too hard into pockets.

System is extremely flexible when it comes to ideal cable required to attain good install, it support Cat5e/6 Cable or 22/18/14-Guage Cable. System sound is real clear and loud with no distortion. 

System Features

– Rings Specific Interior Extension [s] When Called From The Front Door

– Video Extension Addition Support. [Compatible Video Monitor – ZDL-A77 Intercom Monitor]

– Included Voice Only Interior Audio Panel Support Hands-free Communication & Unlock Front Door

– Press Talk To Monitor Door Activities With Option To Unlock Attached Electronic Lock Anytime

– Interior Extension Displays Current Date/Time With Current Temperature

– Interior Extension Settable Onboard Alarm & Snooze Functions

– Added Security With Use Of Smart Key-cards “Key-Fobs/Cards” For Access At The Door

– Even More Security With The Use Of Code [4-6 Digit Code] For Access At The Door 

– Code Or Key-fob For Mail-Man/Lady Access

– Front/Rear/Side Entrance Doors And Up To 4-Doors Support [Requires: Signal Splitter]

– Flush Mounted Door Station / Interior Extensions [Brackets Included]


Application Scope

Great for Multi-tenant Apartment Buildings with 22-Separate apartments intercom replacement.


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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
KeyCard Type

EM/ID RF Proximity Card

What\'s Included With ZDL-A2000 Systems

ZDL-A3000 Door Panel With Optional Camera, ZDL-A600 In-house Audio Extension, 18VDC Main Power Supply, Mounting Brackets & Screws


Multi-unit 22 Apartment Building Audio Intercom System

Door Camera – ZDL-A3000

– 1/3″ 2-MP Wide-Angle Camera With Nano-Glass [Day/Night Operation]
– Keypad: For User Code / Admin Code / Programming
Volume Control Button
– Camera Lens Angle Adjustment
– Electronic Lock Time Setting/Adjustment
– System Re-settable To Factory Default
– Ideal Cables: Cat5E/6, 22/18/16-Gauge Cable
– Cable Support: 22/18/16-Gauge 6-Conductor Wire / > Separate Key-card Add/Delete Programming Card


– Actual Panel: Height: 13.5″ / Width: 5.8″ / Thickness: 2.0″
– Panel Housing: Height: 12.5″ / Width: 4.7″ / Thickness: 1.7″
– Power: 18V (110 – 230V World Wide Support)

In-house Monitor – ZDL-A600 Voice Only Indoor Station

– Screen: LCD

– Display Size: 3.5″

– Display: Time, Date, Temperature, Alarm Settings

– Power: Obtained From Decoder [Audio Video + Power     Distributor]

– Buttons: Talk, Unlock, Volume, Time, Alarm Buttons

– Power Consumption: Standby – <50mA>  Working – <100mA>

– Connection: 4-Wire

– Communication Duration: 60-Sec +10%

– Ambient Temperature: 5-Deg To 109-Deg

– Protection Level: IP54

– Casing: Solid Plastic Case

– Installation: Surface Mount

– Weight: 0.98Ib

– Size: Height: 6.7″ / Width: 9.0” / Thickness: 0.9″


What’s Included In The Box

–  1-ZDL-A3000 Outdoor Unit
–  22-ZDL-A600 Indoor Monitors
–  6-4-Port Video Decoder/Splitter
–  22-Keycards [Key-fobs]
–  Keycards Programming Cards (1 To Add, 1 To Delete Lost/Stolen Keycards)
–  1-18V Power Supply With E-Lock Time delay
–  1-18VDC 6Amp Extended Power Supply
–  RJ45 [Female Plug] AV + Comm. Connectors For All Units
–  1-Installation, Programming & Operating Manual

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement


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