Hands-free Group Coordination Wireless Intercom Radio


Hands-free Group Coordination Wireless Intercom Radio

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Talk Hands-free or Press To Talk on both device. Over 2-miles of communication distance between device. Support unlimited extension addition

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The ZDL-8040 Hands-free Group Coordination Wireless Intercom Radio is a Wireless Long Range Duplex  Communication Audio Intercom System designed to ease communicate between point to point. Consist of 2-sides, one Countertop Station and a Hand-held Extension that allow user to communicate while on the move.

Each device is factory pre-configured with 16-stored channels pair-able within seconds which makes it easy to get system working flawlessly right out the box. No installation required, and no cables to run. Setup is super simple as each device comes included with own power adapter that keep the desktop station on at all time while the Hand-held Radio works for days when fully charged.

Pairing is as simple as using onboard Channel Selector Knob to choose desired communication channel on both device, and that’s it.

System Features

– Wireless Operation Between Devices In Communication Group

— Set Unlimited Receiving Devices To The Same Channel To Announce/Talk To Multiple Locations Simultaneously

— Select A Channel For Base Device To Communicate With Up To 16-Devices Independently From The Base

— Create Unlimited Communication Group By Simply Selecting Same Channel For All Devices In The Group

– 5 Watts Desktop Master Station With Adjustable Goose-neck Microphone

– Over 5000-Feet Operating Distance [Line Of Sight]

– Embedded Sub-Station Microphone For Talk-Back

– Independent Volume Control For Master & Sub-Stations

– Super Load Sound Sub-Station Powerful Enough To Address A Very Large Classroom

– Flawless Stable Clear Sound Between Master & Sub-Station

– Integrates ZDL-803 Wireless Headphone [Seamless Communication With ZDL-802]

– Integrates ZDL-804 Long Range Radio Walkies-Talkie [Seamless Communication With ZDL-802]

– Sync Up To 6 ZDL-800 Master Stations [Paging Function Between Device Group]

– Sync Up To 6 ZDL-803 [Paging Function Between Device Group]

– Sync Up To 6 ZDL-804 Long Range Radio Walkies-Talkies [Paging Function Between Device Group]

Application Scope

This system can be used for wide range of applications. Besides easing communication barrier like Glass Windows, Customer Drive-up Windows, Ticket Booth Windows and Offices, system can support other applications like:

– Restaurant Drive-thru Operations [Can Integrate ZDL-803 Head-Sets & ZDL-804 Walkies-Talkies]

– Warehouse Public Address System

– Truck Stops/Weigh Station Public Address System

– Gas Station Public Address System

– Unattended Valet Parking Lot Public Address System

– Point To Point Communication & Public Address System For Schools

– Community Pool Area Public Address System

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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs


ZDL-8040 Hands-free Group Coordination Wireless Intercom Radio Intercom


– Communication Type: Audio Only

— Operating Distance: Up To 12,000-Feet

— Communication: Wireless

— Operating Method: Same Frequency Simplex

— Operating Frequency Band: UHF 400-520MHz (Receive + Transmit)

— Preprogrammed Memory Channels: 16

Transmitting Parameters

— Output Power: 5-watts

— Maximum Frequency Offset [Broadband: 5KHz

— Signal To Noise Ratio [Wideband]: -45dB

– Sub-audio/Digital Sub-audio: 0.7±0.1KHz

— Power Supply: AC 100 ~ 240V 12VDC 1Amp

— Desktop Microphone Size:  [L] 6.5″ X [W] 6.0″ X [T] 1.5″

— Hand-Held Walkie-Talkie Size: [H] 4.5″ X [W] 2.4″ X [T] 1.1″

What’s Included In The Box

– 1 ZDL-800 Desktop Microphones

– 1 ZDL-804 Hand-held Walkie Talkie

– Charging Cradle

– 2 12VDC 1Amp Power Supply

– 1 Omni-directional Antennas

— User Operating Instructions


Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement


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