Fingerprint Lock Safe – Large Home Or Commercial Safe

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SKU: 1008R

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Large Double-Door (2-Doors) With 2-Diferent Registration For Authentication

Interior/Hidden door hinges for more security
Auto Shut after 3 unregistered fingerprint authentication attempts
Easy fingerprint registration & deletion
Automatic finger sensing optical fingerprint sensor
Door Auto-Lock when closed
Up to 99 user fingerprint registration
Included 4 double A battery powered
Long battery life
4-1/2” Locking bolts
Easy operation & user friendly
Wall or floor mountable (Anchors Included)
4-Emergency/Mechanical keys included)

Master Fingerprint/Emergency lock override

This safe have many positive attributes that make it an excellent solution for those looking for security and quick easy access to their valuables, documents, or other sensitive materials.

Similar to traditional security safes, this unit allow and deny access to the safe after a fingerprint has been successfully authenticated.

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External Size:36″H X 20W X 20″D
Packing Size: 39″H X 21″W X 22″D
Door & Body Thickness: 2″ Door, Body 1/2″
Net Weight: 158.00(lbs)
Gross Weight: 163.00(lbs)
One Interior Shelf
8-Double A Batteries
4-Emergency/Mechanical Keys

Mounting Anchors


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