2 Sided Code Access Waterproof Mechanical Door Lock


2 Sided Code Access Waterproof Mechanical Door Lock


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Rugged stainless steel lock for Wooden, Steel and Iron Gate Doors. Support 1 to 11-digit Access Code. No battery power required. Completely waterproof and weatherproof.

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The DLD-2208PH 2 Sided Code Access Waterproof Mechanical Door Lock is a Rugged KeyCode Zinc Alloy Weatherproof Mechanical Lock designed for Wooden Doors, Steel Doors and Iron-Gates. Support easy creation of 1 to 11-digits Access Code for access, and a different set 1 to 11-digits Code for exit with Free Passage option for exiting traffic.


Requires no battery power to function, and super easy to install. Features Reversible Handles both inside and outside. Ideal for most application because of the structural design. Comes included with all required hardware, necessary accessories, mounting screws and template.


Lock Features

— Settable 1 To 11 Digit Access Code

— Support 1-Access Code For Access + Exit

— Support Separate Access Code Access + Exit

— Built With Heavy Rugged Stainless Steel & Zinc

— Reversible Handles

— Easy RESET When Wrong Code Is Used

— No Mechanical Keys Required, Completely Keyless

— Comes With Standard 2 3/4 latch – 2 3/8 Latch Available

— Extremely User Friendly


Application Scope

Ideal for Wooden, Steel [Interior & Exterior Entry Doors]. Great for existing Lock replacement and Brand New Door applications. Widely used for

  • Steel Doors
  • Iron Gates
  • Aluminum Store Front Doors
  • Wooden Doors


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Manufacturer Warranty

3-Year Hardware Warranty

en touch RF Card that will be a long successive ‘tick’ from the buzzer.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs


DLD-2208PH 2 Sided Code Access Waterproof Mechanical Door Lock


— Opening Ways: Code Only

— Programming Methods: Manual Setting Via Lock

— Access Code Length: 1 To 11-Digits

— Handle Orientation: Reversible

— Lock Structural Sizes

  • Lock Height: 5.59-Inches
  • Lock Width: 1.65-Inches
  • Lock Thickness: 0.98-Inches
  • Handle Side: 3.74-Inches

— Door Latch: Single Latch – Standard 2 2/34-Inches

— Working Temperature: No Effect


What’s Included In The Package

— Lock System Front + Back Handles With Keypad

— 1 2 3/4 Lock Latch

— Mounting Parts + Screws

— Installation Template

— Assembly Instructions

Manufacturer Warranty

3-Year Hardware Warranty


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