2.4Ghz 6-Way Digital Wireless Intercom System

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SKU: T3336


6 Portable Wireless Extensions Included – UpTo 99-Extensions Supported – Electronic Lock./Gate Control Supported – Wireless Communication Si

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T3336 – Wireless Home/Office Voice Intercom System – Over 1300-Feet Wireless Signal Range

Support UpTo 99-Handsets (Extensions) / Electronic Lock/Gate Control


Door Panel initiates Voice call to all All-Inside Extensions when Doorbell-Button is pressed, while Specific Extension call can be made by simply entrying Specific Extension Number using Keypad on the Door-Station Panel. Communication between Door-Station & Portable Interior Extension is wireless, which means “No Cables To Run” (Except For Power)..

Designed To Power-up 2-Different Ways: 

Door Station Panel: AC With Battery Option (4-AAA Alkaline Batteries – Lasts UpTo 1-Year In Stand-by Mode/Over 2-Weeks Continuous)

Portable Handset (Inside Extensions): AC With Rechargeable Lithium Battery (10-15-Hours Continuous Talk-Time/Over 1400-Hours Stand-by)

Other Key Functions:

Simple pairing of Door Panel with first and other Handsets (Click Manual & Software Tab To Read More), Call any Handset within extension group by simply dialing Handset number, 1-Handset to many Door Panel supported, Release/Control Electronic Lock/Gate from any Handset (Extension) within the group or by entering unlock-code directly on the Door Panel.

System Options/ Add-Ons:

Portable Handset (Extension) Charging Cradle (Click Link To Add)

Door-Station Panel (Click Link To Add)

Great for Home/Office and small warehouse communication application. System wireless signal is pretty strong when used within recommended transmitting range, Real clear sound with no communication lag between calls.

1-Year 100% Equipment Warranty


T3336 – Wireless Home/Office Voice Intercom System

Indoor Extension Technical Details

Communication Method: Handset

RF Launch Power: 18dBm

Max Voice Decibel: 60dB

ADC/DAC Range: 300HZ—6KHZ

Ring-Tones: 38-Options

Power Supply: DC5V – 1Amp

Back-up Power: 1000mAh lithium battery (Recheargeable)

Operating Current: 90mA

Stand-by Current: 0.7mA

Screen-On Current: 20mA

Operating Temperature: -40℃~+75℃

Dimension: H-6.3 / W-3.3 / T-2.7-Inches

Door Station (Outdoor Panel) Technical Details

Communication Method: Hands-Free

RF Launch Power: 18dBm

Max Voice Decibel: 60dB

ADC/DAC Range: 300HZ—6KHZ

Ring-Tones: 38-Options

Power Supply: DC5V – 1Amp

Back-up Power: Four AAA batteries (Not Included)

Operating Current: 100mA

Stand-by Current: 0.03mA

Screen-On Current: 25mA

Operating Temperature: -40℃~+75℃

Dimension: H-5.9 / W-2.7 / Thickness-1.7-Inches

What’s Included?

1-Door Station Panel With Embedded Keypad (4-AAA Not Included)

6-Portable Handsets With Recheargeable Batteries

6-Handset Charging Craddle With Power Supply

1-E-Lock 5-Wire Connector

1-Bag Of Mounting Screws

1-Installation & Operating Manual


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